Budtender Quiz

Budtender Quiz

Can you answer these 10 easy to difficult budtender related trivia questions? You have a 30 second time limit for each question to minimizes cheating, and must answer 70% or more correctly to pass. Share the results with your friends and challenge them to do better! So, how good is your budtender knowledge?


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Why I Created this budtender quiz?

The short answer is… A bit of fun! Let’s face it, not everyone is interested in these rehashed celebrity, IQ test or Buzzfeed meme style quizzes, and I thought It’d be cool to make a simple quiz site with questions I would find fun to answer. Being a cannabis blogger, cultivator and smoker, I found myself in a position to create a budtender quiz, like minded people would enjoy. Coffee break fodder!

Who is this budtender quiz for?

I created this bud tending trivia quiz for consumers and cultivators to have 5 minutes of quizzing fun. Anyone, from pot smoking teens to older home growers will enjoy the challenge of that elusive, perfect 10 out of 10 score. As I gather more quiz data, I’ll adapt the questions to suit a broader spectrum of user, and will add more quizzes to accommodate novice, intermediate and expert quizzers. So, stay tuned for upcoming quiz advances and bonus marijuana related trivia.

How does this budtender quiz work?

The rules for this bud tender quiz are pretty simple to follow. The quiz consists of 10 bud-tender trivia questions that must be answered within a set time limit. You get 30 seconds to complete each question, making the whole quiz 5 minutes in length. Each question provide 4 possible multi-choice answers, and you simply select the one you think is correct. At the end of the quiz you will be presented with your score out of 10, and the option to play the next quiz.

What to do after the budtender quiz?

Well, with my selfish hat on, It would be great if you took a few seconds to share your quiz results on social media. Quizzes like this budtender quiz and the pothead quiz, were made for you to challenge friends to get a better score than you, on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. You could also take another quiz, and see if you can score higher.

Where are the budtender quiz answers?

Are you looking for a list of answers to the questions in this bud tender quiz? Bad news I’m afraid! Due to the ever changing nature of StonerQ’s quizzes, It’d be impossible to provide a dedicated list of trivia answers. However, you can use the old grey matter, remember the questions and research the answers on Google or Wikipedia. It would also detract from the fun of retaking the quiz.

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