About StonerQ

StonerQ has been created to share fun and informative cannabis related quizzes. The aim being, is to become the the go to website for marijuana, stoner and pothead trivia. We wanted to produce highly sharable weed quizzes, presented in easily understandable format, with great usability.

Why take this approach? As a cannabis grower, and after spending countless hours researching the latest developments in cannabis cultivation, I found a large majority of my time was spent digging through long winded articles, just to find the specific answer to the question I required. So, I decided that a website was needed to break that monotony, and provide somewhere just to chill for 5 minutes with a coffee and smoke.

The no fluff 420 quizzes present my readers with the weed trivia questions, ranging from easy to difficult.. Thus, giving readers a good cross section to challenge IQ levels. My plan is to constantly add new quizzes, once I have more data about which questions and answers get participants juices flowing on the site.

My ethos is… Work hard, play hard! StonerQ’s mission is to put the play back in to the cannabis world, and I’ll strive to give you a break from the hard marijuana related research. I’ll be adding new content weekly, covering subjects like bud tending, growing, autoflowers, consumption and strains. Thanks for visiting!


Danny Shaw